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A House (Una Casa)

Agnese Láposi | CH
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

A visual essay on the buildings we call houses, homes. On how they are constructed and taken over as refuge in times of uncertainty.


Volkan Üce | BE, NL, FR
80 min 
12.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Ismail (18) and Hakan (25) are in the same situation, but we will discover that they are very different. Both have landed menial jobs at an all-inclusive hotel in the Turkish Riviera. As the summer weeks go by, the two young men witness the absurd vacation habits of Western tourists, making them begin to question their own aspirations.


Antonio Spano | BE
71 min 
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

The Democratic Republic of Congo could feed 3 billion people, but the inhabitants themselves do not have access to the country's resources and food shortages and malnutrition are widespread. AMUKA asks a double question: why such a paradox and what is the future of Congolese family farming? To answer these questions, the filmmaker chose 4 small producers, 4 provinces and 4 intertwined journeys.

Ancestors, Do You Read Us? (Dispatches from the Future)

Syrus Marcus Ware |
4 min 
10.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Syrus Marcus Ware draws on the shared language of speculative fiction and political activism to transform the Salah J. Bachir New Media Wall into a portal through which the next generation of racialized activists communicate with us, their ancestors, and offer us insights into the future.


Marie Reinert | FR
40 min 
11.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

The camera goes from hand to hand. On its shaky journey, it catches close-up images of hands filling bags with peanuts, shovelling sand, or exchanging bills. Watching feels like being trapped inside the camera, at the mercy of the hands it goes through. A network of bodies, gestures and movements begin to emerge, becoming the raw material of a study about Kinshasa's informal economy. Merging into this network, Marie Reinert and the film collective System K perform a collaborative experiment that spans the daily working life of a whole city. A mesmerising cinematic and economic journey.


Nata Metlukh | US
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

A day full of socially awkward moments.


Silvia Biagioni, Andrea Laudante | IT
10 min 
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

The female body mirrored a battlefield for all women that, in the '60s and '70s, claimed its re-appropriation. A tribute to all second-wave feminist movements through a process of subjective re-interpretation of the archive.

Besucher einer mir vertrauten Vergangenheit

Gabriel Tempea | AT
6 min 
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Romanian 8mm travel films from the '70s are re-examined to search for the cracks in an otherwise seemingly idyllic discourse on carefree vacations


Didem Sahin | TR
70 min 
07.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Nermin (83) was part of the first generation of Turkish migrants in Germany, and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Filmmaker Didem Sahin goes on a journey through her grandmother's disappearing memory. As the missing parts come together, a family's story unfolds, but we also discover the portrait of an entire society.

Black Beauty

Grace Ndiritu | UK, BE, SP
29 min 
10.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

African fashion model Alexandra Cartier meets Jorge Luis Borges in a visionary experience. BLACK BEAUTY allows the public to witness and access non-rational states through the creation of art and cinema; as a way of changing their perspective on subjects such as the environment, immigration, and indigenous rights.


Yu-seon Park | KR
5 min 
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Through colourful and hypnotic animation BLINDNESS tells a simple coming-of-age story about gradually losing oneself to images.

Die Vergangenen Zukünfte

Johannes Gierlinger | AT
98 min 
11.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

The starting point for DIE VERGANGENEN ZUKÜNFTE is the March Revolution of 1848 in Vienna. From here, Johannes Gierlinger collects images of a city whose memory and future seem blurred, distorted, incomplete. The pictures tell of palaces, sneakers, tombstones, walls, overgrown monuments and protest banners. We follow the narrator through the city, where questions about the political of the past, present, and future arise.

Dopamine (Dopamina)

Natalia Imery Almario | AR, CO, UY
86 min 
10.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

12 years ago, Natalia's father was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. She begins to view the crisis as an opportunity to engage with her parent's life stories. Through an intergenerational dialogue, narratives from the left-wing resistance against political regimes are revealed alongside Natalia's own painful memories of her conflict-ridden coming out. A reflection on political and physical resistance


Lukas Ladner | AT
93 min 
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Eva-Maria is in her early thirties and wants to become a mother. The young woman has been confined to a wheelchair since childhood due to spastic cerebral palsy, giving enough reason for many to deny her the right to pregnancy and motherhood. The film offers a personal and sensitive insight into the arduous process of becoming pregnant, moments before the birth and the first years of bringing up her son.

Everything Will Not Be Fine (Totul nu va fi bine)

Adrian Pîrvu & Helena Maksyom | RO, UA
82 min 
12.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

In search of people who, like themselves, live with the bodily consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, Adrian and Helena, through the lens of the camera, come closer. Laughter and love alleviate the pain but are unavoidably the cause of it. With whizzy and witty editing, the two magically capture both everyday worlds in their uniqueness as well as an intimate togetherness, in which every blurred close-up becomes a gift.


Thirza Cuthand | CA
16 min 
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

EXTRACTIONS parallels resource extraction with the booming child apprehension industry. As the filmmaker reviews how these industries have affected her, she reflects on having her own eggs retrieved and frozen to make an Indigenous baby.

Family Matters

Camille Turner |
11 min 
10.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Peggy and Jupiter travel through time to visit contemporary Toronto, where their plight illuminates the ongoing co-constitution of past and present. In their Afrofuturist video and sound installation the filmmakers challenge linear constructions of history - opening up the past to unexpected futurities.


Jonas Poher Rasmussen | DK, FR, SE, NO
06.12.2021 / 20:00 - Online Hub

Animations and archival footage are the tools Jonas Poher Rasmussen uses to narrate the life of his school friend, who had to flee Afghanistan as a minor in the 1980s. Since the main protagonist must remain anonymous, the filmmaker works with the pseudonym Amin Nawabi, making it possible to tell the true story of an escape for the first time after 20 years.

FLY SO FAR (Nuestra Libertad)

Celina Escher | SE, SV
88 min 
08.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

After Teodora Vásquez loses her child to a miscarriage, she is sentenced to 30 years in prison for aggravated murder. Teodora's case has become a symbol against the extreme criminalization of abortion and the claim to control female bodies, as well as for self-determination, resistance and solidarity.

How To Make Kimchi (or How To Be Korean)

Jonathan Lee | NL, US
15 min 
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Weaving together historical archives and home movies from his family, Jonathan Lee tries to solidify the reverberations of the intimate history of his Korean family in El-Paso, Texas.


Yana Ugrekhelidze | DE
72 min 
07.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Alexander lives in Georgia. Alexander is trans. A combination that is becoming increasingly dangerous for him and his family. His passport identifies him as female and he can no longer find work. Alexander and his wife Mari are left with one solution: fleeing to another country. In order to raise money for the plan, Mari decides to become a surrogate mother.


Neil Beloufa |
22 min 
10.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Beloufa takes us to Mali in a science-fiction documentary that defies all logic. Much like wise apostles, different amateur actors describe their visions of the future in an outdoor, nighttime setting illuminated by neon light, on the periphery of Bamako, the capital of Mali.


Fred Baillif | CH
110 min 
07.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Seven young women* live together under the same roof without having decided to do so. Coming from difficult backgrounds, they are challenged to form a new community in the youth home. They share joy and pain and rebel passionately against the shortcomings of their surroundings. Clearly positioning itself as a fiction film, THE FAM raises real questions about an overwhelmed youth protection system.


Venice Atienza | PH, TW
72 min 
10.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

The camera wanders back and forth between the 12-year-old Reyboy and the filmmaker. It follows him through his everyday life and dives with him into ideas about the future. Soon he has to leave the place of his childhood to attend school in the city. As the story progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that his home village is not only changing for Reyboy; the dwindling fish stock is about to deprive the next generation of their livelihood.


Pavel Borecky | CH, CZ, JO
77 min 
12.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Beneath the dry desert soil is the water resource called Disi - a fossil water deposit that is Jordan's last source of drinking water. Access to this vital resource runs along economic, political and ecological lines of division. Through archive footage, 3D animations and visually stunning scenes, the film leads the viewer to the resistance of those who are denied access to the water.

Looking for Horses

Stefan Pavlovic | NL, BA, FR
88 min 
11.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Zdravko and Stefan don't always understand one another: language, hearing loss and stutter stand in their way. Yet somehow they get along very well. They talk about the things they enjoy, growing old, fishing, and being alone. Zdravko finds the words to articulate the worst: the impossibility of going back to 'normal life' after a war. The obstacles of their conversation are translated into the language of cinema, into images, allowing us to understand.

Love, Dad

Diana Cam Van Nguyen | CZ
12 min 
07.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Prefilm for Bitter Sweet


10.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

How to live a past continuously in effect? How to gather what is hidden, fragmented, erased, and disappeared?

One Thousand and One Attempts to Be an Ocean

Yuyan Wang | FR
12 min 
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Made up of micro-events taken from "oddly satisfying videos" that swarm on the internet, an abstract narrative unfolds through trance and minimal music.

Our Memory Belongs To Us

Rami Farah, Signe Byrge Sørensen | DK, FR
90 min 
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

'Is coming to terms with history worth all the violence that memory evokes?' When Yadan flees Syria, he takes a hard drive with him with. Nearly 13,000 videos on it, all made by a small group of activists. They use film to tell their own story of a revolution, to resist, and ultimately to send out an urgent call for help. Eight years later, part of this group reunites to remember collectively.

Radiograph of a Family

Firouzeh Khosrovani | NO, IR, CH
81 min 
07.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Letters are read aloud, memories and conversations come to the surface. The filmmaker reveals fragments of a past: a love story, a family history and a revolution. The daughter of a secular father and a strictly religious mother spent her childhood in the 1970s on two different sides of the Iranian Revolution. The archive unfolds, grows and ultimately transforms into a glimpse of the inner turmoil of a country.


Eefje Blankevoort, Els van Driel | NL
89 min 
08.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

"The Game" is a dangerous attempt to cross European borders. From Greece to Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Italy to France and the Netherlands, unaccompanied minors cross snowy landscapes and experience violence and rejection. But the protagonists film their routes and experiences with smartphones and record the far-reaching consequences of European asylum policy.

Social Skills

Henry Hills | BE, AT
12 min 
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

A large international group of improvising dancers share a vision of an imaginative future based on mutual support and spontaneous creation. Here is an environment of touch without threat. A hectic dance piece of collective action.

Terra Femme

Courtney Stephens | US
62 min 
08.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Travelogues and amateur videos made by women in the 1920-50s tell the unseen stories of women who were able to travel and film. With a powerful theoretical feminist subtext, the filmmaker looks at these fragments found in various archives and sets out to find a female gaze: Who sees and who is seen? What do these videos tell us about the absence of women in archives?


Bernadette Wegenstein | US
No subtitles available (just in English) | 90 min
12.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

THE CONDUCTOR takes audiences into the life of internationally renowned conductor Marin Alsop - the first woman to serve as music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra. As a successful woman, she asserts herself in a male domain and dispels dusty clichés of elitist cultural institutions.

The World is Blue at its Edges (Die Welt ist an ihren Rändern blau)

Iris Blauensteiner & Christine Moderbacher | AT
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Concerned with inner and outer borders - the Wall, the Iron Curtain, police states, migration, fear - a mother-to-be asks herself and her child if those borders will remain in them even after they have long disappeared. (Patrick Holzapfel)

Vadim on a walk

Sasha Svirsky | RU
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

When Vadim finally leaves the tight square space where he has been sitting, he bravely embraces the new world he encounters.


Alexandra Dalsbaek | RS, US
64 min 
10.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

Milena and Kolya take part in the biggest anti-Putin protests in Russia's recent history. After many years, they have the chance to publicly support the promising opposition candidate Alexei Navalny. Filmmaker Alexandra Dalsbaek turns her camera on the young activists, who answer Navalny's call to shake up the apathy created by Vladimir Putin's rule.

What I'm Doing in this Visual World

Manuel Embalse | AR
64 min 
11.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

When the Androgynous Child (Cuando el niño andrógino)

Melina Pafundi | DE, AR
9 min 
09.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

When the child speaks from their androgyny - which is neither truth nor appearance, but all at once, they will claim their identity as a foreigner, refugee, bilingual, rejected for not being a man or woman at all.


11.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online

Who has the power to tell their story? Which stories receive attention and which don’t? Particularly in the field of human rights cinema, the question of representation and responsibility is inevitable. In this interactive Dialogue, which was part of the programme at the Fundamental Rights Forum 2021, we will focus on potential problems of filmmaking in vulnerable contexts and strategies of protecting human rights of those people involved in the filmmaking process.


Rintu Thomas, Sushmit Ghosh | IN
93 min 
08.12.2021 / 18:00 - Online Hub

In a male-dominated media landscape, India's only newspaper run by Dalit women is starting out. Armed with smartphones, these journalists break with tradition - whether on the frontlines of India's biggest problems or in their own homes. A film about fearless journalists who, in the face of hostile patriarchy and the rise of the right, have recognized the impactful power of investigative journalism.